Speed & Agility


House of Speed Fall/Winter Programs

Flag Football
November 15-December 20th ages 5-10

Football/Speed Camps
January 10, 24, Feb 7, 21 (Elementary School Players)

Football Academy
Begins January 8th (Middle School 4 weeks)
Begins Feb 5th (Middle School 4 weeks)

Speed Training
4 days per week

Lacrosse/Speed Camp
December, January, February


About House of Speed

Founded by retired NFL star Don Beebe in 1998, House of Speed has trained individuals of all ages and skill to perform better by enhancing their speed and character. Don had a nine-year NFL career, during which he played on six Super Bowl teams. Perhaps he is best remembered for catching Leon Lett from behind after spotting him a thirty-five yard head start during Super Bowl XXVII, one of the greatest character displays in league history. Don retired with some of the fastest forty-yard dash clockings ever recorded. Don has passed down his legacy to House of Speed, which is devoted to improving athletic performance and character for participants in all sports.

House of Speed offers Private Training, Weekly Clinics, Small Group Training, and Speed Camps for all ages and levels, as well as Combine Training for high school, college, and professional athletes. Our reputation has reached the highest levels of sport, and we continue to strive for new heights with our state of the art training programs. We look forward to working with you to enhance your performance and abilities in whatever sport you may be involved in. By developing character and sportsmanship, we are giving you the keys to athletic success. In achieving this, we can help place you one step ahead of the majority of competitors you face. The speed and athletic performance we teach you will only widen the gap.


  • Trains athletes ages 8-18, as well as college, adult and professional athletes, to achieve higher levels of speed, agility and explosiveness so they can excel at their chosen sport. The program is scientifically developed to maximize physical and mental performance, and also builds sportsmanship, heart and character.
  • Was founded in 1998 by NFL star Don Beebe. Don played in six super bowls over his nine year career, and is considered one of the fastest players to ever play in the NFL. He is best known for catching Leon Lett, who had a 35-yard head start, and denying him a touchdown in Super Bowl XXVII.
  • Opened its first franchise in 2006 and currently has 22 franchises in 11 states.
  • Completed a co-branding agreement in September 2009 with the Under Armour® brand.
  • Applies its exclusive program that has been scientifically developed to maximize results. House of Speed’s founder Don Beebe has created a highly effective regimen built from experience with the NFLand other experts in the field where every activity, even the warm-up, is optimized to train the athlete on multiple levels.
  • Has trained more than 40,000 athletes including more than 40 professional-level athletes such as Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys and Michael Turner of the Atlanta Falcons. House of Speed off-season training programs have also been used by the Chicago Bears, St. Louis Rams and the University of Illinois.
  • Training includes three unique tools that give its athletes an edge: The PowerPull™ to develop horizontal acceleration, The Bear™ to boost vertical explosiveness, and Dartfish™, a high-tech video analysis system that helps identify fine points for improvement.
  • Has developed MySpeed™, a secure web-based application for all House of Speed athletes, coaches and parents. The software uses comprehensive data from 8 core drills to provide clear, objective skills tracking and progress reporting. It allows House of Speed athletes to compare their stats against other athletes nationwide and can give them an edge in college recruitment.


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